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Founded in 2002 and recognised as a top 10 Event Marketing Agency by Marketing Magazine, Branded produces live media that matters, connecting businesses, brands, celebrities and fans through large and small scale events, specialising in the media, entertainment and sports industries.

We own and operate the award winning “Matters” series including Sports, Digital, Marketing, Gaming and Music Matters. We are the original producers of the YouTube FanFest and are Global Partners with Google on the world’s largest touring live celebration of online content. We created It’s a Girl Thing and have also published magazines, run off to join many carnivals and even launched a newspaper in Hong Kong. We have Walked with Dinosaurs, danced with Grease the Musical, sung with Cats, Rocked You with Queen and even stuck an Omega on Coco Lee's wrist.

Our Objective:

“To be the gateway to connect with China’s new sports business power players”



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2016 was singularly the most important year ever for the sports industry and it was all because of China.

A first for China, LeSports Connects provided insight and connections to the people driving the sports business in the world’s most populous country whilst focusing on the contribution the region is making to the global sports and entertainment industry. Over a packed 3 days of conference content and networking events, LeSports Connects delivered on its promise of creating an event bringing together some of the biggest names in both Chinese and international sports.

Take a look at our wrap report for some event highlights.

为期三天的Lesports Connects 已完满结束,请参阅我们的总结报告,了解更多活动亮点。

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Why LeSports connects? 为什么?

  • The creation of the LeSports Connects China forum will help connect the world of sport with China. LeSports, as the host of the forum, is excited to create a sports ecosystem that covers the entire industrial chain, providing a one-stop integrated solution of “content platform + event management + smart hardware + internet services” to sports fans and clients in China and the world.

    Vice Chairman, Le Sports Ma Guoli
  • Continued, significant investment in the development of sports infrastructure, venues and leisure facilities in China is at the forefront of our vision and our mission is to bring China to the World and the World to China.

    Vice Chairman, Mission Hills Tenniel Chu
  • We specialise in connecting communities. Bringing the Sports Matters fraternity to China is a crucial step in our mission to build the foundation for a sustainable Asian sports industry. 2016 is a big year in global sport and China is in the driving seat.

    CEO, Branded Jasper Donat

Speakers 演讲者

Venue 会场

Mission Hills China 观澜湖

Mission Hills China

Lin Ping Road, Daping, Tangxia, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
Postal Code: 523722


(+86 755) 2802 0888

Only an hour from Hong Kong, Mission Hills Dongguan Clubhouse covers an area of 65,000 square meters, making it the world’s largest golf clubhouse.

A shining example of the scale and growth of China’s investment into the sports and leisure industries, the complex houses an exhibition center with a variety of function rooms, conference halls, media facilities and an auditorium, making it a popular venue for everything from international golf tournaments and summits, to large-scale exhibitions and cultural performances.

离香港一小时车程的观澜湖东莞会所占地65,000平方米,是世界上最大的高尔夫会所之一, 是中国投资进入体育和休闲行业的一个光辉的榜样。他多功能的展览中心,各种多功能厅,会议厅,媒体设施和礼堂,使其成为国际高尔夫比赛,首脑会议,到大型展览和文艺表演的熱門场地。


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